About Me

Age is just a number, so they say. I have a schizophrenic view of my age. I recently turned 65 years old, which probably qualifies me as a geezer. It definitely qualifies me for Medicare.

When I turned 60, I began running half-marathons. I love the outdoors. I ride my bike, float in my kayak, and like to learn new things. I am afraid of the dark, and I have a deathly fear of getting lost.

Now that I’ve added “geezer” to my repertoire, I’m not quite sure what to do differently. How should I act, I wonder. I’ve been a geezer-in-training all my life. I’m not a different person just because the calendar changed to another year, am I?

This blog will chronicle my life as a boomer in a world that loves youth. The more I write, the younger I feel. Yet, young at heart does not count in this land, where the number of boomers rises every day. 10,000 boomers turn 65 each day. That’s a lot of us!

Geezer goddesses rule.






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