What 65 Means to Me

There is so much negative press about getting older, I was sure that when I turned 65 I’d be stooped, gray, surly and invisible. And, while a couple of those adjectives may apply (and I won’t say which ones) I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the benefits and opportunities that being 65 has presented to me.

1. Take the last piece of candy. In my pre-65 days, I would never have taken the last piece of candy in a dish, especially with an audience present. But, I’m happy to report that last night I did both. Snatched up the last piece of chocolate in front of a witness breezily saying loudly:“At least it’s 85% cacao.” No guilt, no shame, sheer bliss.

2. Speak my mind. This may be a slippery slope en route to no filters left on the distance between my thoughts and my mouth, but I am enjoying the freedom on giving my opinions. The world may not want to hear what I have to say, but I’m relishing the freedom of saying it. Unfettered.

3. Speak everyone else’s mind. I wonder if this is related to item #2, but when I see a disconnect between someone’s face and the words they just uttered, I am compelled to say so. In my younger days, I’d register the discrepancy but say nothing. No more. It’s my birthright as a senior citizen to point out inconsistencies in the world. I like to see it as my way of making the world a better place. Thank me later.

4. Dance with abandon. In my youth I may have worried that I didn’t have the moves down right, like Elaine from “Seinfeld.” Now I figure that if my legs move it’s up to me to let them do what they want. Another example of freeing my body parts from the tyranny of my uptight mind. Kickin’ up my heels never felt more right.

5. Enjoy the ride. Related to item #4, music on in the car gives me freedom of flight as I drive. No matter that the hands tapping the steering wheel resemble my 98-year old grandmother’s with their veins and age spots and bumps where none should sprout. If I’m still here, why not enjoy the ride? It’s all about me now, and I’m here for the enjoyment. Cruisin’!

6. Live in the moment. The moments are fleeting, and while I can’t stop the whiz of time I can at least slow it down by paying attention to what’s happening now. This means that if I’m not feeling the bliss, I gotta go. I just don’t have the time for nonsense anymore. My BS meter is clicking fulltime.

7. Old is what you make of it. I can’t find clothes any more that are age-appropriate, which means I am free of the bonds that define age-appropriate. Lulu Lemon and Victoria’s Secret are first on my list, then Forever 21. Watch out young’uns, geezer goddess comin’ through.

As I look back over my list, I am aghast at how much of my life has been spent in bondage, imposed by the world of other people. I now call myself a free woman.

Don’t like it? Don’t care.



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