The End or the Beginning?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, and you know why? Because I found myself following the tried and true path that I’ve been on for awhile, and not following my passion–writing. Recently I wrote a short article entitled “Why I Write” which I have copied here (reprinted from the Maryland Writers’ Association newsletter at

Why I Write

I write to get closer to my wild, especially when tame threatens to overtake me.

When I sit down to write, it’s like meeting myself for the first time. Especially when I take risks with my writing, it’s like, whoa, where have you been all my life?

When I write, I find myself to be charming, witty and irreverent, qualities that I love. I used to think I needed to look for them in a mate. When I started writing, I found them in myself!

I write to remind myself that my thoughts can stay with me, not just flit away to the next task.

I write to connect with that faraway voice that has always guided, prodded and cajoled me, even and especially when I pretend not to hear it.

I write to fill my head with heart-shaped thoughts when the world is angular and pointy and hurtful.

Each time I write I feel fearless.

I write to find my awesome self, which is a lifelong process (the writing, as well as the awesomeness).

As a career coach, I advise people to find work they love to be successful, happy and awesome.

I am merely practicing what I preach.


And, so, as I embark in earnest upon my writing career, it signifies an end to my prior life and responsibilities to others. Yet, like Route 1 in Key West, Florida, the end of the road is often the beginning. It’s my beginning.



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