Allergic to My Thoughts

I itch when I’m upset and bored,

I imagine mosquito bites that say I’ve had enough

Itching to move on, time to fix my thoughts

Got to think happy when the going gets tough.


No cream or shot to calm me down

Just the thought that all will be okay.

Haul my grouchy mind to a better place

So I can create a happy day.

My bad habit is to prove I’m right

But how can I be sure?

For the most part it matters not

This itch really needs no cure.

It reminds me to stop the thoughts in my head

That get me out of sort

Learn to love my itchy thoughts

A sign that life’s a sport.

The world won’t always cooperate

But let it be its problem, not mine

Give my thoughts space to be positive

Life improves with joy, not whine!


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