Infused with Everything

Have you noticed lately how all that is wonderful is infused with something else equally wonderful? Wonderfulness no longer seems to stand alone. It must be enhanced. Fruit infused water. Garlic infused olive oil. Lavender infused socks. Mint infused syrup. More is better, perhaps?

Such is the case for aging. Since our ability to age well hinges on our attitude, why not give ourselves a leg up in this process that is inevitable (hopefully), for better or for worse? If we have the chance to chart our own course, I think navigating in a positive direction is best. We are not getting old. Rather, we are seasoned infused with wisdom. Or senior infused with sensibility. How about grandma infused with grace?


A friend recently remarked to me that aging well is the goal. After all, what is the alternative? Dying early? Ending up like Benjamin Button? Getting younger as time marches on, while all your friends age and die? No, thanks. More than the power of positive thinking, our attitude towards aging can be the difference between well and not so much. Our identity as a person who is aging provides us with agility in thinking or the belief that we are stuck in the process of getting old, with no recourse but to go along for what is sure to be a bumpy ride.

Me? I’m choosing to be geezer infused with goddess. Both are wonderful and the synergy will keep me young and vivacious, if only in my mind. But, isn’t that where all that is great begins?

Life infused with mind.



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