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Flourish is an expansive word that requires all of my senses to feel its full effect. I see it adorned with curlicues and elegant lines that reach as far as the sky. I can attach my dreams to it, safe in the knowing that they will be nurtured. Whispering the word aloud, flourish makes a whooshing sound that’s not quite a whistle, but a joyful noise that sails through my lips and, like a fluffy cloud, wafts heavenward. Flourish is too much of a word to sit flat on a page, waiting to be read. No, flourish needs to be experienced.


As a word, flourish deserves honor and reverence. It is so versatile, gives flourish 15 different meanings. It exists as a noun or a verb, a thing or an action. I love it because I am a person who loves options. Flourish helps me strive, to achieve my potential and to reach the height of excellence. Flourish wants me to be healthy and to thrive. Feeling boring and beige? Flourish gives me permission to brandish dramatically. It allows me to add embellishments to my writing. Words with bling. What could be better?

I’ve never found another word that seems to care so deeply about me. It’s joyful exuberance is contagious.





As a baby boomer who somehow seems to feel a bit younger each day, I am passionate about health, happiness and fulfillment in life and work. My plan for my writing is to inspire me to rise as high as I can in life, unfettered by the expectations of others. Writing is my passion. Using words in a way that gives me something I didn't have before is why I write. Welcome to aging, all you Geezer Goddesses. Let's enjoy the ride together!

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