Beauty’s Only Skin Deep

I love my troll dolls. Their misshapen heads and bulbous noses have seen me through some of my worst times. Untamed hair and shining wide eyes have given me joy and solace like nothing or no one else. At this time of my life, I’ve become more appreciative of my sources of joy and I seek them out.


I think what I find so captivating about trolls is that they are unassuming and happy despite their nontraditional, some might call ugly, appearance. They could care less about what anyone thinks of them. Unbridled joy like theirs is rare. I mean, really. Just look at ’em and realize that they are happy by just being.

It’s got me pondering my go-to for joy, that makes me happy to just be.

A common belief and shared experience is that our lives are getting crazier, fueled by the stultifying 24-hour news cycle. We could all find that “thing” that captivates us with sheer joy, regardless of what it looks like or what anyone else thinks of it.

For me, it may be a return to cavorting with my trolls. They still have a lot to teach me.


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