Patience and Wisdom

The first weekend of fall here in mid-Atlantic was more like summer’s last gasp, with azure skies a soothing backdrop for the golds and oranges of autumn. It portended the wonderful convergence of summer’s balm and fall’s briskness, the time of year when I feel like I’ve come alive. In my last post I wrote about new notebooks, pens and shoes giving me the shot in the arm that snaps my August daze to attention.  This year, as part of my fall rebirth, I am awash in the promise of transition, to what and where I do not know, but I am open to what comes. And, much like what happens when I’m not paying attention, there it was….a sign pointing me in a direction that is still becoming clear to me. And, it presented itself twice in a 4-hour period – a praying 006


My first encounter was during a walk around the lake, after I had just returned from a visit to the cardiologist for a stress test. My heart is healthy, according to the test, and I was rewarding myself with a walk in the middle of a Friday afternoon. Such decadence! For some reason, I looked down, and there, in my path, sat the imposing praying mantis, outfitted with emerald green body and bulging brown eyes. We exchanged glances, and I went on my way, and she on hers.

Later that evening out to al fresco dinner with my husband, the mantis reappeared. How could it be, seeing a rare bug twice in such a short period of time? It must mean something!

There is a lot of information available on the symbolism of the praying mantis. Much of it relates to the message of patience and peace, as the praying mantis takes her time and does not make a move until she is sure that she is headed in the right direction.  Hmm, how timely!  I’ve needed a dose of both of those lately as issues of my aging parents have pretty much depleted my supply.  In addition, the mantis’ stillness invokes the wisdom developed from intuiting and feeling, more so than from thinking. Could it be true that I feel wisdom in my heart, not my brain? Perhaps the incident that precipitated my cardiac stress test was my body screaming wise thoughts to me, expressed as fainting.

Friend, mantis, thank you for presenting yourself to me at a time when I needed a reminder that patience and wisdom are the life lessons I must learn now. But, unlike your confidence in your journey, I will never be 100% sure that I am facing the right direction. And, that’s where my body wisdom will prevail.

Have you ever experienced a message that came right when you needed it, from an unlikely source?





2 thoughts on “Patience and Wisdom

  1. Twice when walking a labyrinth I received messages from the universe. The first time, the message was about my eldest going off to college. The second message was about me and needing to take time to take care of myself. I listened both times. I hope you listen and come to understand your message.

    1. Yes, thank you, those messages from the universe are powerful, best heard in the stillness of wisdom.

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