Nimble Geezer

I have been bitten by the de-cluttering bug. At no time do I feel more joy than when I finish a can of olives or jar of mayonnaise and toss the empty into the trash or recycling. There is something so freeing about removing something from my space. It is one less thing that I have to own! The fact that I will need to replace it with a fresh can of olives or another jar of mayonnaise does not trouble me in the least. The sheer act of disposal is joyful to me.


Like many people in their 60’s, I have accumulated way too many possessions. Many of these are hand me downs from my mother and grandmother, who hated to get rid of things. Not me! I love to discard. Each trip to the dump or the Salvation Army fills my heart with elation. There is a lightness to my step and an energy that surrounds me each time I find myself with fewer possessions.

I did not always have this less-is-more philosophy. Over the years, I have obviously succumbed to the lure of ownership and consumerism. However, as I’ve gotten older I have realized that much of what I possess feels like a burden that weighs on me, and I want to purge while I can. This is not a task to be left to my children and I don’t want to be overwhelmed with the clearing out process when I decide to, dare I utter the word? – downsize. Yes, one day I hope to leave this too-big house with too-many things in it. I am not sure where I’m going yet, but when I figure it out, I’ll be ready.

Because, thanks to the beauty of de-cluttering, I will be free, agile, spry and nimble.

I think that this strategy has health benefits as I continue to age. As I free myself by disposing of unnecessary belongings, I will make sure to remain agile with exercise and stay spry through humor and positive outlook.

This getting-nimble plan may be the best idea I have had yet!



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