Boomer in the Balance

Today I went for my twice-weekly workout with my trainer, and I did some exercises to improve my balance. It’s one of the age-related issues that seems to have sneaked up on me, and which requires constant effort. As I was precariously perched on one leg like a drunken heron, I was struck by how much the quest for balance has been part of my life for as long as I have been an adult. Lest you think I can ponder while I balance, this was actually just a flash of a thought, which I continued later when I was on stable ground.


1. in my career, I was always striving to achieve a balance between seeking work that was spiritually as well as financially rewarding. Judging by the number of Sunday blues over the course of my career, I don’t think I succeeded.

2. when my kids were young, I sought the ever-elusive work-life balance. If I knew then what I know now (famous words) I would have instead strived for integration of work and life.

3. as a wife and mother to young children, I struggled to find the balance between those two roles. In the meantime, of course, were roles as a professional, daughter, sister, and the myriad others that were thrust upon me, I mean that I chose. Did I succeed in balancing my roles? Doubt it.

4. with a young family, a house, a spouse and a job, weekends were a tightrope that I traversed between errands and relaxation, rest and konking out. How did I fare? Well, the kids are grown, the house is still standing, I am still married, and I retired from the job. We made it in one piece, I guess.

Rather than bemoan my mistakes and what I would do differently, I have been given yet another opportunity to balance. It occurs to me that I have a lifetime of experience to bolster my newest challenge.

All I need to do is remain upright.



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