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Do You Want Bacon on Your Club?

It’s a real challenge for me not to be consumed by all the bad news of the world. Then there is the stress I feel when dealing with my elderly parents’ health problems, helping my young adult children face life’s dilemmas and listening to the issues my teenage grandchildren encounter.

I may be part of the sandwich generation, but I think mine is a club!  And, I’m a vegetarian. Help!




As a baby boomer who somehow seems to feel a bit younger each day, I am passionate about health, happiness and fulfillment in life and work. My plan for my writing is to inspire me to rise as high as I can in life, unfettered by the expectations of others. Writing is my passion. Using words in a way that gives me something I didn't have before is why I write. Welcome to aging, all you Geezer Goddesses. Let's enjoy the ride together!

2 thoughts on “Do You Want Bacon on Your Club?

  1. Well, I recently enjoyed a vegetarian club sandwich (no bacon) with grilled portabella mushrooms, fresh sliced avocado and tomatoes, goat cheese and a bit of honey mustard. Oh my, I just thought of a solution for your sorry sounding sandwich situation. Perhaps you need just a bit a honey mustard — sweet, but also a bit of a tang!?!

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